Birth Doula Package  ($600)


Initial Consultation

One no obligation get-to-know-you session


Prenatal visits 

To assist forming a birth plan, discuss any concerns, practice labour positions


Unlimited contact by phone or email

On-call 24/7  from two weeks before due date until baby arrives


Continual labor support

Whether at home, at birth centre or hospital

Postpartum/Breastfeeding Support

Support during postpartum procedures, and breastfeeding assistance immediately after birth up to 2 weeks after birth of baby

Postpartum visit

Two home visit during 1st and 2nd weeks after baby is born 

Back-up doula

Request to meet the back-up doula if you desire


Amateur Photos (if requested) 




T: 403 923 5457 |

Intuitive Birth DOULA SERVICES

Placenta Encapsulation 


Basic Encapsulation - $200

Raw or Heated Method


Postpartum Kit - $265

Includes all products using Basic Method Encapsulation


Tincture - $25


Salve - $25


Cord Keepsake - $20








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