I have always had a deep passion for holistic health care and I marvel at the body's ability to heal itself. I became a Massage Therapist straight out of high school and was running my own practice at age 19. Those roots in holistic care are the foundation that has guided me on the path I am on today. Through the course of working with phenomenal Childbirth Educators and Midwives for both my pregnancies and births, I was inspired by the support and quality of care that I was provided.  I achieved my status as a trained birth doula in 2014 and have had the privilege of supporting incredible women in their journeys to motherhood. 

My own birth experiences and those as a doula have opened my eyes to the empowerment of birth and proved with the right support, anything is possible. Having always gravitated to roles where I could form strong relationships with others, I have found my calling in the childbirth community and I believe birth can be more deep and meaningful with personalized care and support. It is with these values that I am pursuing my dream of becoming a Midwife.








Knowledge Is Power 


Its our firm belief that if you provide the proper education to pregnant moms and couples, much of the looming fear linked to childbirth can be eliminated. We strongly recommend prenatal classes to couples as it allows them to understand their options. Having the ability to consider ahead of time some of the situations that may arise during labour and childbirth, couples can then make more mindful decisions and determine what is ultimately best for them and their baby. Having a progressive plan in place to address some of the challenges and complications that arise during labour is extremely valuable.


Knowing What to Ask


Sometimes asking simple questions about the purpose or intention of certain interventions or procedures allows for the confirmation of understanding, ability to weigh the risks and rewards, and the discussion of potential alternatives. There may never be a moment in a woman's life where she is more vulnerable than she is while in labour, therefore it is so crucial that a woman's wishes be respected during the labour and childbirth process. Having someone on your side, helping you to advocate for yourself is so important when a woman in labour can only focus moment to moment.


Birthing With Heart


With the guidance of your intuition and by putting trust in the process of birth, your body will overcome more than you could have thought possible. When you listen to your heart and allow your intuition to guide you, you rarely go wrong. You have yours and your child's best interests at heart. Not only is your baby born when you give birth, but you too are born as a mother and as a family. The experience of bringing your child into the world is an event that must be respected, honored and most importantly, protected. That is our commitment to our clients as their doula. 



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